You need an interpreter – that’s great. We really look forward to working with you. Our interpreters are hand-picked, qualified and experienced. Together they speak over 40 languages with more being added every month.

Key information about Clarity Interpretation Service

1. Charges

  • The hourly charge for interpreting from 08.00 till 18:00 is £25.00 for the first hour thereafter every 15 minutes is £6.25. Minimum booking is one hour and time is rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.
  • Plus travel time (a one-off charge of either £7.50 or £15.00 depending on where the interpreter is travelling from).
  • Plus travel expenses (either public transport costs or mileage at £0.22 per mile for car or 10p for bike). This charge is at cost price.
  • If interpreter makes a telephone call from their own mobile – £4.00
  • From the hours of 18.00 to 08.00 am and for weekends/bank holidays: for the first hour £35 thereafter every 15 minutes is £8.75.

2. How to use our service

  • Register your organisation

Before booking an interpreter your organisation needs to be registered with Clarity. You may be able to complete this registration at the time of booking. You can also register your organisation in advance with our online registration form.

  • Book an interpreter

Telephone, email or complete the online booking form with the details of your interpretation need.

  • Confirmation

Clarity will send a confirmation email if we have an interpreter available. The email will confirm details such as date, time, venue and language. Once the confirmation email has been sent a contract will have been deemed to have been entered into under the terms and conditions in this document.

  • Briefing and preparation

If necessary you will need to provide specific information and briefing for the interpreter. If preparation time involves more than 30 minutes work, a pro-rata fee will be charged.

  • Use an interpreter

It’s possible to get by in the UK with only a little English, but in some situations greater understanding is vital. Clarity in these situations can make the difference between life and death. Clarity can mean receiving an appropriate service rather than going without, Clarity can mean being not only heard, but also being understood.

  • Complete the administration forms

Fill out and sign the Interpreting completion and evaluation form. Please be honest as this helps us continue to provide a professional service. The form also records the actual interpreting duration which will be used for billing your organisation.

3. For more details


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